Littleneck Clams
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Our littleneck clams are packed 50 in a bag.   Littlenecks are the smallest and most tender of Chesapeake Bay clam family.  Littlenecks are suitable for eating raw on the half-shell or for steaming.

Storage & Handling

Storage: Upon arrival clams will be shipped on frozen gel packs. Clams should be immediately placed in your refrigerator. 

Inspection: It is typical for clams to open in there live state, with a slight touch clam should begin to close slowly. Prior to cooking or shucking, any clams that are open and do not close to touch should be discarded.

Expiration: Clams expire from 14 days from point of harvest. Clams will arrive with harvest tag and good through date.

Preparation & Consumption: Clams should always be washed with cold water in a colander. Clams always contain some sand and this washing process will help remove most of that sand. Clams are easy to prepare seafood product that can be enjoyed many ways as follows: Raw, Grilled, Fried or Steamed.

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