Frozen Soft Shell Crabs - 1 Dozen Quantity

Frozen soft shell crabs are dressed soft shell crabs that are individually wrapped and frozen. We freeze soft shell crabs from May to August so people can enjoy them throughout the year.b  We offer them by the dozen.

Storage: Upon arrival soft shell crabs will be shipped on frozen gel packs. Each soft shell crab will be individually wrapped. If you plan to consume the product immediately – soft shell crabs can be kept in shipping box until consumption. If you will be consuming your crabs beyond the day of arrival, they should be immediately placed in your refrigerator if they are fresh dressed crabs or if they are frozen soft shell crabs they can be placed in the freezer.

Inspection: Fresh Dressed & Frozen Soft Shell Crabs are individually wrapped and placed in a wax coated box in the shipping container. It is common to experience some liquid draining from the wax coated box.

Expiration: Fresh Dressed Soft Shell Crabs have a refrigerated shelf life of 5 days from your receipt. If you plan on preparing part of your order beyond the 5 day expiration we recommend your freeze your product. Since Soft Shell Crabs are individually wrapped you can simply thaw and prepare. Frozen Soft Shell Crabs have no expiration date.

Preparation & Consumption: Fresh Dressed & Frozen Soft Shell Crabs are cleaned and are a ready to cook product. Fresh Dressed Soft Shell Crabs should be rinsed under cold water prior to cooking. Some popular cooking methods of Soft Shell Crabs include the following: Sautéed, Deep Fried & Grilled.