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Simply the best.

Keep up the good work.


Nothing better than having crabs already cooked delivered right to your door! Although a little skeptical, we decided to give it a try! You all did not disappoint! Nice size and full of meat.

Lump Crab

Rick helped me out with a super reorder. JW is the best!

Steamed Crabs in the Rockies!

Enjoyed a wonderful bushel of steamed blue crabs here in Denver. Arrived overnight in good shape. A solid bushel of crabs, cooked and seasoned perfectly and the crabs were fat and of good quality. Freight is expensive, but it is a wonderful occasional treat for our family.

Great service.

Party favorite

I ordered several dips and the lump crabmeat. The dips were the party favorite. I placed the crabmeat in the bottom of phyllo cups and then the dips on top. Perfect finger food.
Loved them all.

Baytop Shell Oysters

They were great

Little Neck Clams

Shipped in 400 little neck clams 11 days ago, as usual they arrived on time with plenty of cold packs. They were extremely fresh, clean, tasty, and very much alive. Will continue using Crabville.

steamed crabs

"fantastic" impressed on how meaty they were . yummy in lots of tummies

Crushed or cracked & no response to questions.

Crabs were good however out of a dozen two had crushed shells. I also have an issue with your correspondence. I sent two requests inquiring about freezing and sustainability of the crabs. They were sent Wednesday and Thursday, and as of today no reply..


The order was on time. Crabs was meaty and delicious,


Meat was sweet and fresh, delicious. We ate it right out of the container with a squeeze of lemon. Then we made crab rolls!!!

Review of Crabville and Rick

I would recommend these folks to anyone. I was very pleased with the quality and freshness of the product. As a crab lover for 50+ years, I know a good crab. Rick was very polite and kept to his word. The packaging was super and they get an A+ all around from me!

Fresh Shucked Oysters
Select oysters

I chargrilled half in my own shells, the rest i fried to make Louisiana Oyster PoBoy's. Both were delicious.

Clams were delicious but we had a lot of dead clams.

The clams that were alive were delicious-on the half shell and steamed-but we had a lot of dead clams. If we hadn’t also ordered oysters we wouldn’t have had enough food!
However, Customer Service was great and reimbursed us completely for the clams.
The outside of the box the clams were in was damp when they arrived, so I think something happened during shipping.
We will definitely give them another try.

Finally, delicious Chesapeake lump crab meat

I almost started to think that I no longer liked crab meat, mainly because I live in Michigan and we cannot buy fresh crab meat. I decided to give your company a chance to prove me wrong. Your package arrived on time and the crab meat was definitely fresh. I made up a crab imperial recipe (no fillers) and served it right out of the oven. It was delicious and reminded me of growing up in Maryland. Now I know that I still love crab meat and will be buying more from CRABVILLE.

The Crab Dip was good, but the Rivah Dip is the Bomb

Never disappointed

My consistent go to for fresh seafood delivered how I want and when I want it. Quality is never compromised.

Best Cocktail Sauce Ever

I haven't been able to find Kelchner's cocktail sauce any place in the area so was excited that I found it at Crabville. Loved getting my delivery with the cocktail sauce, shrimp and crabcakes. Just like Christmas.

Perfectly Seasoned!

I look forward to all of my shipments from Crabville. I made a delicious pasta dish with the fresh sea scallops, and I pan fry the well- seasoned crab cakes and place them on top of a fresh tossed salad! Perfect summer meal. Love it!

Fresh Shucked Oysters

Oysters were fabulous

Littleneck Clams

Fresh Shucked Oysters

Superb! Best oysters I’ve ever eaten!


We Love your steamed crabs,Soft crabs, Crab cakes,Oysters but wife and daughter didn't care for the Crab dip..Didn't have much taste.

Lump crabmeat

Wonderfully clean crab..virtually no shell when I picked through it. Well worth it.