Fresh Shucked Oysters


Shucked oysters are designated according to size. Standards are the smallest classification of shucked oysters, selects are the middle size grade and counts are the largest.  Shucked oysters are one of our most popular products.  Our shucked product is a wild caught Chesapeake Bay oyster where the meat is shucked from the shell.  Oysters are packed in their own liquor which is necessary for most recipes requiring oysters.   Our shucked oysters are hand shucked daily and packed in pints, quarts and gallons. Shucked oysters will have 10 -14 day refrigerated shelf life upon receipt.  Count oysters are a very large meat - typically used for pan frying. We do not advise count size oysters if you are introducing oysters to friends for the first time. Selects are the middle classification of shucked oysters and are the most popular of all the sizes. Select size oysters are the most versatile size oyster that are used in most recipes. They can be stewed, fried, baked or just eaten out of the container.

Shucked Oyster Meat Per Grade
  Standard Selects Counts
Pint 30 - 50 20 - 30 <20
Quart 60 -100 40 - 59 <40
Gallon 240 - 400 160 - 239 <160
Your shucked oysters will arrive on frozen gel packs. Immediately place shucked oysters in the coldest part of your refrigerator.  Shucked oysters are packed in pint, quart & gallons. Oysters are packed in their own liquor. Quarts are packed in glass containers, never consume oysters if glass is broken (we pack glass oyster containers in a foil that helps protects from glass breakage). Always inspect oyster meats for shell.

Shucked oysters will have a good through date, please adhere to this date and discard if oysters remain past this date.

Shucked Oyster Meats are a ready to eat product. Shucked Oysters can be consumed raw, fried, stewed and baked.

Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.



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huge and daughlisious exactly what I wanted

As advertised

They arrived on the requested date, were extremely well packed (inside the shipping box they were packed in a baby Styrofoam cooler along with ice packs) which alleviated any concerns about them arriving fresh and safe to eat. And they were delicious as part of my oyster stew


Fresh Shucked Oysters

Oyster order

I received my order of 1 gallon of oysters on time in great shape. I immediately ate 10 or 12 row ones then that evening I had stew and fried. They were extremely fresh and perfectly sized, only one little shell chip so far. I had trouble with the shipping address and they did an outstanding job straightening it out. I owned a seafood market for over 5 years and used a lot of their products and I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you acrabville !

Fresh oysters delicious

Received in timely manner. Kept me updated on status of my order. Arrived fresh. Absolutely delicious. Will be ordering again.