Steamed Crabs


Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs are caught and brought directly to our facility by local watermen.  For over 35 years we have been steaming crabs in our plant.   The crabs we are offering are male blue crabs that are 5 1/2 inches and up.   We do not ship live crabs because the inherent high mortality rate in shipping live crabs.  Steamed crabs are shipped on frozen gel packs.

Storage: Upon arrival steamed crabs will be shipped on frozen gel packs. If you plan to consume the product immediately – crabs can be kept in box until consumption. If you will be consuming your crabs beyond the day of arrival, they should be immediately placed in your refrigerator. If you are buying large a bushel or more and do not have space in a refrigerator you can place ice at the bottom of a cooler and place each crab one by one in the cooler. Never dump ice on the top of crabs. We do not advise you to freeze crabs.

Inspection: Steamed Crabs are a cooked and ready to eat product.

Preparation & Consumption: Steamed Crabs are a steamed cooked product and ready to eat cold or can be re-heated. There are two methods to re-heat your steamed crabs.          1. Re-Steaming – With a large pot with a raised rack, add enough water but just so the water does not go above the raised rack. Place cooked crabs in pot. Sprinkle crab seasoning on crabs (Optional). Cover and steam for 8 – 10 minutes.  2. Oven Heated – Heat oven to 350 Degrees. Place steamed crabs on cookie sheet and heat for 10 – 15 minutes. Please be very careful with this method of re-heating as you can dry the crab out.

Expiration: Steamed Crabs expire 12 days from point of steam cooking.

Customer Reviews

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So fresh that the meat is sweet!

The meat is sweet, tasty and the seasoning is delicious!

My First but Not My Last

This was my first time ordering and I and my mom were very pleased.
I will be ordering from you again & telling everyone I know about your company.


Received in good shape! Very good.


Steamed Crabs

Steamed Crabs Did Not Disappoint

Purchased for holiday dinner.So glad I ordered a bushel because my husband's sample turned into 2 dozen (my 7 not included!) These crabs were delicious and seasoned to perfection. Our guest enjoyed them immensely. I will definitely be ordering again soon.