Fresh Crab Meat


Our crab meat is a hand-picked domestic Chesapeake Bay Crab product that is all natural with no preservatives.  We offer three grades of crab meat, Jumbo Lump & Backfin Lump.

Jumbo Lump - Choice Lumps of meat from the "swimmer" fin - best for crabmeat cocktail or whenever presentation is important. No shell should be encountered in this product.

Lump - Select pieces of backfin and choice pieces of lump meat. An excellent choice when your recipes require the best. Great for casseroles, crab cakes, dips and salads.

Storage: Fresh & Pasteurized crab meat will arrive packed on frozen gel packs. Place in your refrigerator immediately upon receipt.

Inspection: Fresh crab meat will packed in plastic containers with tamper proof lid. Pasteurized crab meat will be packed in plastic containers with tamper proof lid or aluminum cans.

Expiration: Fresh Crab Meat will have a good through date on container. Fresh crab meat is given 14 day refrigerated shelf life from our facility. Pasteurized Crab Meat will have expiration date on container. Pasteurized Crab Meat will have up to a 9 month expiration date on the container.

Preparation & Consumption: Fresh & Pasteurized crab meat is a ready to eat product. Once you open a can of pasteurized crab meat please consume within 3 days. Fresh & Pasteurized crab meat is a ready to eat product and can be cooked many ways. 

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Lump Crab!

The crab meat arrived quickly, was packaged well, contained large chunks of fresh meat with no shell pieces - ready to use. All my dinner guests commented on how good the crab was. I think it is incredible that I can get fresh crab meat of this quality in Colorado. Thank you for making that possible!

SO Delicious!

This crabmeat is absolutely delightful. My only complaint: How the heck do you open the container? I had a difficult time with it.

Sooooooo Goood!

I purchased 5 LBS of the Lump Fresh Crab Meat and I made crab cakes. OMG!!!!! They were so good that my mouth waters just thinking about them. Great prices too.


Fresh Crab Meat

Excellent product and a very good value

The crab meat is very fresh and arrived when requested. Excellent packaging.