The Oyster Treatment

February 02, 2016

The Oyster Treatment

basket_oysters  When November hits in Virginia - we are in full swing with        oysters.  We actually harvest and process oysters throughout the  year but the demand increases naturally in the fall through the  winter.   Oysters come off our boats and are trucked about 20  miles to our facility.   By law every catch has to be documented -  what day it was caught, where, and tagged.   

Today we are bringing in our Wild Caught Oysters from the York River.  These oysters are natural oysters not farm raised.   They are put into our walk-in coolers and documented further.  Each cooler is temp monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Next this product is brought out to a table where we will pick out suitable sizes for 50 count and 100 count boxes of oysters that we sell on     Barnacles are removed from these oysters and larger oysters are placed in baskets for shucking - another product we sell on  

washing_oysters After this process the oysters suitable for shell stock are then washed and  boxed.  We ship these directly to your door.  These oysters are then placed  back in our coolers until we pack our orders.  Have questions about our  products and processes?  Feel free to email us at